Has Apple made a comeback with its iPhone 6s Plus’ camera? You tell us

Rank your Top 3


Can Apple make a comeback thanks to its 50% extra pixel count upgrade (over the iPhone 6) on the iPhone 6s Plus? Or will the competition still prevail?

Keeping it easy to understand and following the same mechanics as our older shootouts, we’ll need you to choose 3 photos from each set, descending in rank; e.g. 1 = best, 2 = good, 3 = decent. Each image corresponds with a letter so from A – D just choose the letters and order them accordingly. Photos are randomised so don’t try to spot any trends 😉 no brownie points if you guess correctly. Below is an example of how you’d write in your choices:

Scene 1. C, D, A (C is the best > descending order)
Scene 2. B, A, D
Scene 3. D, A, C
Scene 4. B, A, C

We’ll run this poll till this coming Monday (12th October), so be sure to submit your votes in our comment section and tune in after to see which phone took the top seed. Check out the next page for the blind test and start voting!