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This could be the fastest iPhone 6s delivery in the country


Want to own the latest smart phone in the fastest way possible? Maxis has just released a teaser video of an upcoming delivery service where you could own a shiny new product within 24 hours. Without mentioning specifics, the product in question will be available for pre-orders this Friday, 9th October.

If you’re still clueless on what this is about, the iPhone 6s will go on sale in Malaysia officially on 16th October with pre-orders to start officially beginning Friday, 9th October.

A year ago, Maxis had embarked on a special Midnight Express Delivery service where several lucky customers had received their brand new iPhone 6 at the stroke of midnight. For this year, the telco aims to up the ante to have all pre-orders delivered within 24 hours at a location of your choice.

Be it a cinema, in the middle of the ocean or up in the tree, Maxis promises to deliver your device on the 16th October itself. Following last year’s server congestion, we are told that they have made significant improvements to their online store to cater for more demand. There’s still no word on the official price and plan offers at the moment, so we’ll have to wait until 9th October for more details. Are you up for it? We suggest you try it out at some random obscure location.

With anticipated high demand especially for the Rose Gold colour, it is advisable to register a new Maxis Online ID for the online store ahead of the mad rush this coming Friday. For more info, head over to the Maxis Express page.

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You can check out last year’s Midnight Delivery service video below:

Alexander Wong