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Anticipate Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your Nexus(es) very soon

A week has blown by and the delivery of Android Marshmallow is increasingly imminent; at least for these listed devices – Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Knowing that this is a roll-out, you can expect the OTA’s to eventually come in but be ready to wait up to a month or so, until the actual notification update comes in.

Expect new apps and features to now live on your device – notably, an extensive search function; Now on Tap, battery saving elements, and a revamped app permissions system.


Now on Tap is pretty much now your best friend, on your smartphone. It’ll help you search up pretty much anything you need, keeping your task, scheduling and info always in check. A video below details what you can do with Now on Tap.

Skip to 53:30 for the Google Now on Tap presentation.


Technology in the battery department has stalled since the installation of the lithium-ion polymer, causing heartache for those who rely on their devices for most of their life. Google however, wants to help out in terms of improving how your devices utilises the power it has. Doze on Android is just one of them, which puts your Android device into a deep sleep when idle for an extended period to minimize power usage.

Tested in “controlled environments” Android techs pit one set of Marshmallow Nexuses’ against another bunch with the older Lollipop – and surprise, surprise, the former ran *roughly* 30% longer (based on standby time). Users will also get another function dubbed App Standby. A feature that puts your lesser opened apps into a state of reduced activity, making your device conserve more power for the apps that you use more often.

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Privacy options get a much appreciated update, now allowing you to personalise and select which permissions you want to give apps. Users are now able to pick what they want their apps to have access to at the time of use. All apps running on Marshmallow now only request permission when it needs to access one of the device’s functionalities (e.g. microphone, contacts, camera). Rejoice cause now you can deny permissions and still use the app but at a reduced functionality, of course. Permissions can now even be turned on and off for any app, in the new settings.


With Android M the arrival of native finger-print support came together. A new (naturally) supported way to interact with your device, giving you power to protect your device in a multiple array of methods. The new OS places your fingerprint at the forefront of safeguarding your information, unlocking your device, authorising payments on the Google Play Store (& more), signing into other apps and paying through Android Pay (if available in your country).

Much to be excited about for those who own a piece of Nexus tech and a lot more incentive for consumers to pick up the newest Nexus smartphones; the 5X and 6P. We sure hope that Google Malaysia brings products (officially) to our domestic market soon, cause we’re loving what we’re hearing about Marshmallow so far. Are you?