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Celcom’s new Data focused Postpaid plan gives you 21GB for RM85/month


For those who can’t seem to get enough mobile internet for their smart phones, this could be music to your ears. Celcom has introduced its new FIRST Basic 85 Internet Plan which gives you 21GB of mobile data for only RM85/month. Although it sounds the same, this isn’t the same as the standard FIRST Basic 85 that comes with an OPTIMISER feature. Instead, this is a data-centric plan that gives you loads of data while calls are only charged when you need it.


For RM85/month, by default it comes with 7GB of mobile data and 7GB of Celcom WiFi (if you could find one) that’s usable anytime of the day. The remaining 14GB of data (plus 14GB of Celcom WiFi) is allocated only for off-peak hours between 2AM and 8AM daily.

According to the FAQ, unused internet can be carried forward with a maximum of 7GB to the following month and this is only from your 24 hour data bucket. Once you’ve finished your internet allocation, speeds will be throttled to 64kbps and there’s a limit of 15GB per billing cycle.


If you need more data at full speeds, you can top up from as little as RM3 for 100MB, or you can opt for more at RM15/GB and RM50 for 5GB. As for calls, it isn’t specified clearly but SMS and MMS are charged at 15 sen to all networks. Interestingly if you’ve finished your FIRST Basic 85 Internet allocation, all calls and SMS are charged at 10sen. Come to think of it, this is basically Celcom’s PortaWiFi 2.0 Internet Plan with voice and you can sign up without the unnecessary activation and registration fee.

Should you get this over the standard Celcom FIRST Basic 85? If you use more than 5GB a month and hardly make any calls, the answer is probably yes. As comparison, the standard FIRST Basic 85 currently gives you 5GB of internet, 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS for the heavy internet user. Alternative those who talk a lot will get 2GB of internet plus 600 minutes of calls and 600 SMS each month.

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If you’re interested, this plan is available from now until 31st October and take note that it comes with a 12 months contract. For more info, head over to Celcom’s FIRST Basic 85 Internet Plan page.

Alexander Wong