iFixit’s Apple TV teardown gets them banned


Cupertino has thrown the hammer down on the fixing guys who voided Apple’s developer T&Cs causing them to be banned indefinitely by the tech giants. Among the repercussions were the removal of iFixit‘s developer account that was attached to the app, thus getting it removed as well.

This dismissal of sorts were caused by iFixit receiving a developer unit and risking it by tearing down the device that has yet to go on sale. While being dissembled, the people behind the website released info of the internals down to their model numbers, as they usually do.

If you’re not familiar with iFixit, they’re the people behind the DIY fixing website for Apple products; they provide how-to’s and even provide the parts for self-repairs (if you’re desperate to look elsewhere).


So far, they’ve released an official statement explaining the whole commotion that lead to Apple banning them. They explained that they knew the risk associated with going-ahead to tear down the Apple TV and the fact that “teardowns are in our DNA”, they couldn’t resist.

Fittingly, Apple wasn’t too pleased but were fair to weigh the aforementioned decision against the repairing maestros and sent them a follow up e-mail explaining their offences; in-turn, banning the iFixit developer account with the app in tow.


It isn’t all bad news though, as the team announced that their mobile site is essentially the exact same thing as the app; allowing the full functionality on the website. Adding that, due to the team being really small, they don’t have enough resources to keep the app up-to-date.

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Currently, they’ve no plans to rewrite their app, however the readily available APIs allow whoever wants to take up the task as the team has already given their seal of approval – since it’s open source. Meanwhile, the Android app still lives on and access to the repair guides are accessible on their existing mobile site.


Watch the trouble-making teardown video below.