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Celcom starts iPhone 6s pre-order next Friday


UPDATE: You can register your interest for the iPhone 6s on Celcom.

The iPhone 6s is coming to Malaysia officially on the 16th October. As usual, you can expect our major telcos to offer the latest Apple duo on contract with added subsidies.

For those who can’t wait to secure a unit, Celcom has just announced that they are offering pre-orders for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus beginning next Friday, 9th October at selected Blue Cube outlets nationwide. You should be able to pick up the device on the following Friday, 16th October. So far no pricing and plan details have been revealed yet but we should be seeing something from the telco by early next week.

The iPhone 6s is the fastest iPhone roll out yet for the Malaysian market in just 3 weeks since its first wave sales. During its debut weekend sale that started last Friday, Apple has sold over 13 million units and they are looking to add 40 more countries into its availability list by October. Malaysia joins India and Turkey in the 4th wave release, a week after most European nations and Taiwan.

A few days back, a couple of retailers have started selling imported sets with incredible mark ups especially for its gold colours. The most expensive we surveyed is the iPhone 6s 128G in Rose Gold that fetch as high as RM7,399. Needless to say, the price have started falling ever since Apple had announced its official availability in Malaysia.

Apart from the telcos, do expect the iPhone 6s to be available from the online Apple Stores and authorised resellers. So are you getting one on telco contract or outright? Do let us know in the comments below.

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