Digi’s new prepaid promo offers 1GB at RM5/day


Need to download a huge file but your WiFi is down? Digi now has a promo for its prepaid customers where you can get 1GB of internet from as little as RM5/day. This is a promo daily internet pass with 24 hours validity from the time you subscribe.

Below are the Prepaid Internet Pass options with 1-2GB quota for short term use.

RM5 – 1GB/1day (*116*4*1*1#)
RM8 – 1GB/2days (*116*4*4*1#)
RM12 – 2GB/3days (*116*4*5*1#)

To activate, just dial the number listed above on your smart phone to subscribe. Note that this promo runs from now until 30th September. Meanwhile, Hotlink is also having a similar offering but they are charging slightly higher at 500MB at RM5/day and 1GB at RM8/day

For more info, head over to Digi’s Prepaid Internet Pass page.

Alexander Wong