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LG’s rumoured phablet may not be one after all


Initially thought to be a 5.7-incher, the smartphone labelled as the LG H740, has today taken a turn to actually be a smaller 5-inch device. New reports by the people behind underkg seem to show the alleged “phablet” having a much smaller footprint. So what about the 5.7-inch phablet we saw in the Geekbench benchmarks?

We’re not quite sure, it seems that there may be two devices out there that’s soon to be launched by LG (aside from the V10 in October). Though, the photo also brings confirmation of the Class being built out of real metal, not those faux metal (plastic) shells finishes.


It’s well possible that LG is trying out this all metal design to combat the brand’s lack of premium feeling phones, instead of opting for those (good quality) polycarbonate designs that has made their mobile brand what it is today. A bid to unseat Samsung’s ‘A’ series perhaps? All we can say is LG G4 didn’t perform to the company’s expectations so maybe a change of direction might be good for the smartphone maker.


What else does this latest report confirm? Only the fact that the images show the branding of one of South Korea’s mobile telco carrier’s, and possible pricing in the aforementioned country – KRW 400,000, roughly translating to RM 1,457. Nonetheless, LG has a tendency to release phones only for its home-country, but if you could, would you buy this device?