Latest iPhone and iPad comes with double the RAM of its predecessor


When it come to hardware, Apple doesn’t normally disclose its full spec sheet. Apart from revealing its new processors, the other details such as RAM and battery capacity are often left out and we would need to wait for some tear down to learn more of its internals. The current iPhone 6 has just 1GB of DDR3 RAM while their existing iPad Air 2 comes with 2GB RAM.


Developer @hamzasood has tinkered around Apple’s Xcode developer tool and has managed to confirm the amount of RAM on the latest iPhone and iPad. The iPhone 6s comes with 2GB of RAM while the new gigantic 12.9″ iPad Pro comes with 4GB of RAM.

With added features such as 3D Touch and a Pencil support on the iPad Pro, the extra RAM comes at a right time for seamless multi-tasking. This would be more apparent with iOS 9 with more extensive features including split-screen. The 2GB RAM for the iPhone is the first upgrade since the iPhone 5 and this helps to keep more sessions in memory and less reloading of apps from scratch. So the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus looks like a bigger upgrade than we all expect from the iPhone 6.

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Alexander Wong