Want to record 4K videos? Don’t buy the iPhone 6s 16GB


The iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus is out and it finally gets upgraded with a 12MP f/2.2 main camera that allows you to shoot ultra high definition 4K videos. That’s 4X the resolution of a standard Full HD 1080p clip.

While most TVs and displays are still pushing full HD, there are those who prefer to capture moments in the best quality possible in 4K. There’s nothing wrong with that but the biggest concern is always on storage. With greater detail comes bigger file size and that could be a problem if you’re intending of buying the cheapest iPhone model available.

MKBHD has gotten a hands-on with the new iPhone 6s and has shared some info on the new video formats. Under the settings page, a 4K video at 30fps would take around 375MB/minute of recording while a standard Full HD 1080p takes up just 130MB/minute. That’s nearly triple the file size just to shoot in the highest quality.

Like most smart phones, you don’t really get the full available space as advertised as the storage is often partitioned for the operating system and bundled apps. So if you’re getting a 16GB iPhone 6s, you’re probably left about 10GB of free space once you’ve installed and set up all your essential apps. With just 10GB, that leaves you with enough space for just 27 minutes of 4K video.

If 4K video recording is your thing, it is recommended that you take at least the 64GB model or 128GB if you could afford that extra premium. Alternatively, you can free up more space from time to time with the SanDisk iXpand, which is like a thumb drive for your phone.

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With Apple’s premium iPhone pricing that continues to get even more expensive in Malaysia, it is high time for them to kill off the paltry 16GB model. Most of its flagship rivals are pushing 32GB minimum storage as standard especially if it doesn’t come with microSD expansion.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available for pre-order staring tomorrow with full availability by 25th September in first wave countries. If you’re interested to get one, you can try getting one from Singapore through a family or friend residing there. Prefer to get the current iPhone 6/6 Plus model instead? U Mobile is offering them at a lower price on their online store.


Alexander Wong