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Malaysia gets Google Play Newsstand


Back in February 2014, Google decided to scrap its Currents app, to be replaced by Play Newsstand, an app that brought together written content in forms of online dailies, print magazines and books into a simplified ecosystem. This enabled users worldwide to get a play by play of the latest breaking news that was happening around the globe. September the 10th brings the same menu, just tweaking the content to suit a more Malaysian fare.

Now available locally, Google Play Newsstand will provide users with content from publications like Berita Harian, NSTP and the Star. Those inclined to know about the country’s current affairs will have access to KiniTV and The Malaysian Insider. It aims to provide not just written content but also images, audio and video – a full sensory experience, which even appeals to those wanting some fashion tips through Esquire Malaysia or Elle Malaysia.


On Newsstand you’ll be able to sift through a 2,000 different sources that range from free to paid material. In terms of news Google has teamed up with internationally acclaimed The New York Times, The Guardian and Reuters to name a few; locally, they’ve partnered with Mkini, Karangkraf and Blu Inc.


Each Google account will have a different Newsstand “Read Now” page, as the app tailors content based on your own interest that you can select when you start-up the app for the first time. This feature is constantly learning as the more you browse, the better recommendations will suit you based on your habits.


Browsing through the content we saw that so far for paid options the content is still quite limited, though we hope that Google continuously adds more magazines as more people jump on to the app. Prices ranged from RM 12 up to RM 30+ and you’ll get to choose monthly, annual or trial (not all have this choice) options when you subscribe.

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Check out the Newsstand on the Google Play Store here.