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There’s already someone lining up to buy the unannounced iPhone


Starting yesterday, an Australian by the name Lindsay Handmer has been camping outside Sydney’s main CBD Apple store to be one of the first worldwide to purchase the latest iPhone. A brave venture, considering that when the device will go on sale is still unknown; even crazier is the fact that Apple’s keynote only happens tomorrow.

Pitching himself outside the extremely well-lit store located on George Street (the same store we visited to check out the Apple Watch), has so far spent a day on his fold-able chair and tent combo. His intentions are based on past instances of the Oceanic country being one of the first to have the latest Apple products in store.

Handmer has taken this brief moment of fame to (shamelessly) plug his self-created online secondhand technology marketplace,, since seeing that other individuals have done it prior during their own line-up adventures. Apple’s iPhones tend to hit shelves around the 18th of September, if they’re sticking to their existing habits, Handmer will be out in the 12-17 degree Celsius weather for quite some time.


Apart of his marketing stunt, the Australian won’t be purchasing the device for himself, instead he intends to auction the device(s) off for a charitable cause – Mission Australia, a startup that helps the homeless. He’s said that so far “it’s an up and down process” when asked about his experience so far going 24 hours in to the camp-out and had times where he questioned his decision to do so.

The legality of it all is kind of up in the air, at least as far as Handmer is concerned, as the police officers he momentarily crossed paths with only pulled up to head into the nearby McDonald’s – at least for now. When more people join in the craze, he plans on keeping the atmosphere high by getting some party lights and music.

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It’ll be interesting to see how long he lasts out there but he’s fortunate enough to have a 24/7 McDonald’s and some gyms around the vicinity if he needs to get some food and freshen-up. Best of all, he’ll have some company during the weekend, when his fiance joins in.

These occurrences are never bad for Apple but the employees at the Sydney store have some raised eyebrows at how the first potential person to purchase the latest iPhone uses a Dell laptop, together with a HTC phone. When asked about this, Handmer merely quipped that “Apple makes great products, but I guess I like the more technical stuff. Android, for those type of things.” and “I just tend to opt for the more affordable side of stuff.”

If you’re interested to prepare yourself for a similar adventure, you can follow his journey on Twitter.

Share with us your best experiences of lining up to purchase something, we’d surely like to hear about it in the comments below.