Teardown of the 4K capable Z5 Premium answers how it handles overheating


Qualcomm found itself in a cumbersome situation since releasing its flagship processor, the Snapdragon 810 – that’s been riddled with heat problems. Seeing this problem has placed smartphone manufacturers left to choose between mediating the overheating issue or omitting the infamous chipset all together. Weighing two sides of the coin, Sony has decided to take the riskier route.

For one the Z5 Premium, it seemed that no other component would’ve been more appropriate to push its 4K screen. So how did Sony attempt to keep temps low? A teardown revealed that Sony has built a special dual heat pipe on the upper part of the smartphone’s frame to improve ventilation. In addition, they’ve also added thermal regulating paste underneath the processing chip to further regulate its running temps.


Not a lot of news has surfaced regarding how Sony’s latest offering handles multitasking, gaming and larger processing extensive tasks, so it seems like there’s a lot of real-world testing to be done. There’s yet to be news as when the device will reach our shores but you’ll be sure to read it here first.