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Logitech Malaysia announces its new multi-device bluetooth keyboard and mouse


To those who’ve been plagued with the annoyance of having to type and move around your multiple devices, you’re problem is now solved thanks to the Logitech K380 keyboard and the Logitech M337 mouse. These devices will hand you the tools to be free to curate content whenever you are, regardless of surfaces and minimal space while doing so.

Logitech promises the typing experience to be a whole lot better than fiddling with your device’s small screens, especially on your phones and tablets. Easy-Switch capabilities will allow you to choose between 3 preset devices using Bluetooth 3.0. The keyboard is supposed to be able to recognise the device you’re paired it with and map keys accordingly to support extended functions and shortcuts.


Bang for your buck, this aforementioned bluetooth keyboard will run you back RM 129 (w/ GST) and include AAA batteries inside (rated for 2 years of battery life), when purchased. There are two colour options to suit your liking – blue or grey. Typing on the K380 is supported on the devices listed below:

Apple devices that run iOS 5 and up
Android tablets and smartphones that run Android 3.2 and up
PCs running Windows 7 or later
Mac OS 10 or later
Chrome OS
Apple TV

Replicating the functionality of a mouse is hard to come by, even when you consider using a stylus and a touchpad. What the Logitech M337 Bluetooth Mouse allows you do to is, choose between a PC or mouse supported tablet and click away – supporting Windows 7 onwards, Mac OS X 10.8 onwards, Chrome OS and Android 3.2 or later.


The nifty mouse that weighs 82g is capable of a three-finger swipe gesture that allows you to fully take advantage of features present on Macs and Windows 10 devices. A laser-grade optical sensor will help on those annoying surfaces that you’d use your portable Bluetooth mouse on. The M337 mouse is slated to provide 10 months of battery on just one AA battery – making sure all buttons and scroll wheel are ready when you need them. It’ll be priced at RM 109 (w/ GST) and come in 3 colours: blue, red and black.

Eager to get your hands on these new Logitech peripherals? If the answer’s yes, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll be available in Malaysia by the end of September.