Lenovo dissolves its Mobile division to merge and sell under Motorola make

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Google’s foray into mobile making took place back in May of 2012, when they acquired Motorola Mobility, but it intended more for the list of patents and its advanced research projects. The returns were minimal, although achieving sales through the high end Moto X, and lower end Moto G and Moto E. Lenovo decided that their portfolio was better suited if they capitalised on buying Moto’s presence in the Western market, giving them a better chance worldwide. Almost a year on, they’ve now decided to sell solely under the Motorola name, dissolving its Lenovo Mobile branding.

A merging will see all future phones to be sold under the Motorola name, solving the problem of managing two separate companies, who sell the same type of product. In theory, both companies gain as Motorola has always had an issue with only having a limited model inventory, at least presently. Lenovo tops out in terms of its marketability, for the markets they’re not well known yet.

All of this is speculation, for the most part – as no official English press release has been outed. So what happens to the latest Lenovo Vibe Shot and the Lenovo Vibe S1? It’ll likely be Lenovo’s last offerings, to match Motorola’s conspicuous design or could we see a more varied aesthetic language from the future Motorola devices?

Back to the lack of worldwide mention on the subject; based on the lack of information coming from Lenovo, instead only coming from Xiaomi Times – we hope all customers take this information with a grain of salt. So who knows what the future holds for both Lenovo Mobile and Motorola Mobility? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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2 Comments for Lenovo dissolves its Mobile division to merge and sell under Motorola make

Yusyaimi Yunus

was droid turbo under Lenovo already when launched?

what a shame .. wouldve got that instead of s5