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Instagram updates to allow content in either portrait or landscape orientations


No longer will photographers be constrained to that square shape that frustrates even the most casual photographer when having to upload a photo on Instagram. Worse still, they never decided to tackle this issue for five years, until now; thanks to an update you’ll be the boss and decide how you want your photos to be oriented.

Way back when the app first popped up on the Apple App Store, it was fine to stick to squares, as then we’d be viewing them on our then 3.5-inch screens (if you had an iPhone at the time); we all know that isn’t that case anymore, as the average screen now sits around 5-inches, give or take. So it’s great that half a decade later, they’ve finally succumbed to the pressure to support landscape and portrait views.

Quoting the photo app, it mentioned that 20% of photos and videos posted on the medium aren’t uploaded in a square format. Now however, you’re given the freedom to choose to your liking with a format icon that lives on the photo app. Devs also thought it would be a great idea to roll out a merged filter system that goes across stills and videos.

Check your Instagram now to make use of this nifty feature and if you aren’t on version 7.5 yet, be sure to upgrade on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.