First solid rollable keyboard comes to life: the LG Rolly


Announced as the “industry’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard”, the LG Rolly is made for people on their tablets and smartphones who need to type out a wordy document or quickly reply to conversations on instant messaging apps.

We’ve seen a lot of flexible keyboards in the past but being made out of silicon, they were flimsy at best. The LG Rolly keyboard tackles that by existing in an “impact-resistant” polycarbonate with ABS plastic – potentially increasing the experience of the tactile feedback.

Roll it/fold it and turn it into a slim cuboid shape to carry around, increasing portability without sacrificing too much on the typing feedback. It’ll connect to your favoured device through Bluetooth 3.0 and can be paired to two devices at the same time and has an in-built stand (limited to tablets not more than 10 inches).


LG probably took some cues from Logitech K480, which has the same two previously mentioned features but loses out to the Logitech’s ability to switch between 3 devices, not just 2. Though, you’re likely to prefer the rollability of the LG Rolly more, if it’ll be joining you on the daily.


For a device powered by a single AAA battery, it’ll provide enough juice to last you 3 months – as quoted by LG. Scheduled to make an appearance during IFA 2015 in September, we’re hoping to see this thing in action and if it’s all it’s made to be. There’s no word on pricing and availability for now but you’d probably find out early next month.