Maxis wants to change the way you own smart phones with Zerolution |

Maxis wants to change the way you own smart phones with Zerolution

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Buying a smart phone on contract sometimes can be like a jail sentence. Not only you’re tied for 24 months but you would also need to fork out a huge sum of money upfront, which sometimes cost more in total than the actual phone itself. While there are some telcos offering zero waiver for upfront payments, you’re essentially still tied down to the same phone until your 24 months duration is up.

Maxis wants to change the way you buy your smart phones by introducing the Zerolution program. It promises absolutely no payment upfront, no contracts and no interest fee over your monthly payments. Best of all, this isn’t an Easy Payment Plan that requires a credit card. Everything you hate about a phone contract be gone. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out.


To get a phone through Zerolution, you’ll need to pick a new MaxisONE Plan that starts from RM98/month and then pick the phone you want. By default, the monthly payment is calculated over a 24 months period and if you decide to leave, you’ll just need to pay the balance without any penalty charges.

For those that want to own the latest phones every year, there’s an early upgrade option at RM30/month. So after 12 months, you can surrender your current device and switch to a newer phone without any penalty or upgrade cost. Just pick a new phone and pay the new monthly payment.

In order to upgrade, the device must be in good working order which means no cracked screen or serious dents on the device. If the device is not in good order, a RM300 fee will apply. For better peace of mind, they are offering a device protection at RM15/month that’s comes with 48 hours replacement.

For now the Zerolution program covers 4 devices – the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, HTC One M9+ and the Samsung Galaxy A7. All new flagship devices will be available on Zerolution moving forward and gradually its existing line up including the iPhone 6 will be offered later.

Considering the easy ownership and zero penalty charges involved, the Zerolution is a hassle free way of owning a device. This isn’t a leasing program as you do own the phone after 24 months. If you calculate the monthly payment over 24 months it is cheaper than buying the phone outright at full retail price. That’s of course without the optional early upgrade (RM30/month) and device protection (RM15/month) add-on.

For those that change phones on an annual basis, this can be seen as a leasing programme as you can swap phones easily without the hassle of trading in. Once you’ve completed the full 24 months period, the phone is yours to keep.

Below is one example of buying the Galaxy S6 on Zerolution versus a typical 24 months contract.


For more info, head over to Maxis Zerolution page.

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46 Comments for Maxis wants to change the way you own smart phones with Zerolution

Stephan Goh

Sorry, trust no Maxis.

Ann Hock Lim

The package sure have some measure to prevent loses for Maxis. If people just use for 2 months and cut it off , you think can Ah ? Please read carefully the T & C of Maxis. The devil is in it to trap you. We need to be more smart then Maxis.

Admiral Ackbar

It's a TRAP…


Is that why you are required to buy the protection plan?


    The protection plan is optional. This is basically a phone insurance. If you damage your phone or lose it due to theft, the plan offers a replacement unit within 48 hours of submitting a claim.

    They recommend it if you're planning to switch to a new phone after 12 months, as any wear and tear, or damage would incur a RM300 charge when you upgrade.


i have 1 line which rarely use under Maxis. just receive cll only. I plan to use this line to join the zerolution program. after that, i will ask maxis to suspend my line every 3 months n reactivate again, i will do this until my contract end. so i just need to pay only RM156 for S6 edge per month without paying the monthly package fee. can right?


The catch is in the annual upgrade program. where you add additional top-up in order to have your phone upgraded to a new one the next year.

Problem is, you'll have to return your existing phone, and the new phone restarts your payment cycle again. Meaning the existing 1 year you've paid for your old phone, you won't even be able to keep it.


    If you opt for the early upgrade option at RM30/month, you won't need to restart the 24 months period for the new phone. It just continues. So for example if you paid 12 months for Phone A, you'll just need to pay another 12 months for Phone B. So in a way, whatever you've paid before is used to offset half the cost of the new device.

    For those who didn't opt for the early upgrade option, that's where the new 24 month period will apply.


      Actually that is not correct. After 12months, for Phone A, once it has been surrendered, you would need to pay another 24months for Phone B as the 24months is basically the monthly installment of the phone price. Since Phone A has been surrendered back to Maxis, the balance installment will be waived for that particular device.


        You don't pay another 24 months for Phone B. That defeats the purpose of paying RM30/month for the early upgrade and losing your phone for nothing. Once you've swapped to a new device, you only need to pay the monthly installment for Phone B for the remaining 12 months. This is not to be confused with contract extension. We've confirmed this with Maxis.

        The only scenario of having another 24 months extended is if you decide to pick up another phone without taking up the earlier upgrade option. Which means you have 2 concurrent phones under your name.


          And since this Phone B would end its monthly installment in 12 months, we could have opt out from paying additional rm30 right? And keep Phone B to ourselves. Because this looks to me you wont have any phone to be called your own if this plan was continued after every 12 months. You keep paying and paying and paying and none of the Phone C, Phone D, and phone E is yours. As if I'm renting the smartphone. And gone were RM1872 for the first 12 month. If package stayed the same for the phone B, another rm1872 = rm3744 for the whole 24 month period just for renting and awaiting upgrade to Phone C.


          Yup. If you intend to keep Phone B, you can stop paying for the early upgrade. So for those who likes to keep on changing yearly, this looks like a leasing programme.


          U should stop the upgrade plan after upgraded to phone B. Once completed 12 mths for phone B. The phone is yours. U can sell it if u wan. Then if u wanna new phone, repeat the cycle again.


          Thanks for the answer and verification.

          Then lets say If I pick the cheapest phone for 12 month and pay the additional RM30 monthly, then pick the most expensive phone the next year and opt out of the RM30, it's still worth it right?


          Aha… nice one. That's possible but the question is how cheap is cheap? According to Maxis, they are limiting this to higher mid-range to flagship phones only. Things might change if the more expensive iPhones are offered on Zerolution. Who knows, they could introduced a tier system for each range.


Any additional fees to be paid at the month 12 for the new phone?


    If you paid the early upgrade option of RM30/month, there's no additional fees. However your phone needs to be in good condition. Cracked screen, visible wear and tear would be charged RM300, hence they advise taking up the RM15/month protection plan.


i just wanna know the catch (non-biased opinion)… seems a good deal, honestly.


    Probably the biggest catch is you'll need to sign up with MaxisONE Plan. Not applicable with other plans like SurfMore.


      but even if you subscribe maxis one plan, you can suspend for temporary your line for 3 mnths and then reactivate it again, u can do taht for next 24 mnths until contract ends. by doing that u just need to commit the fee for the program per month, not for the monthly commitment of the package. there's so many loophole for this program and people can easily manipulated it. i believe so


        You can probably do that if you're not using this as your active line. Then again, is it worth the hassle since you don't get as much subsidy as conventional contracts?

        S6 edge without GST = RM2,923
        S6 edge on Zerolution without GST RM111 x 24 = RM2,664 (RM259 difference).


Maxis deep shit sucker!! Put untold clause to cuatomer without informing them. Don't trust this sucker!!!


    Could you tell us what clause you're referring to?


Aside from the phone payment assuming rm 156/month, we still have to bear the plan fee? Another rm 128/month(assuming one plan) , so monthly will be (rm 157 + rm 128)/month?

    Syed Syazmir

    Can anyone clarify on this? The plan is only for the phone right? Excluding the monthly call/data plan.


      Yeah…can anyone clarify in this matter please?


      This is for the phone only. You still need to pay for the monthly MaxisONE Plan subscription.

Jovic Soo

Does the Rm156/month inclusive data and calls? If yes, what is the quotas?

Based on the existing market scenario, this is a win/win situation for them to push the stocks out to the market. Do you think many Joe out there can dig out such hefty CASH? (yes they can :P)

Now most consumers are heading mid range if I'm not mistaken.


Wonder why ppl still looking at Maxis. Was with them more than 10years and gotten shit service and bill always hidden charges. In short, Maxis = blood sucking company.


I'd like to know whether the S6 edge in the plan is 32 GB or 64 GB,checked the website, it's not mentioned.


since the contract is for 24 months, payments should reflect up to 24 months instead of 12, no?

normal contract @ 24 months = rm2795 [rm2099 + (24xrm29)]
zerolution @ 24 months = rm3744 (24 x rm156). even if you stop paying the rm30 for new phone the last 12 months and also cancel the device protection for last 12 months, you still pay rm3204 (1332 + 1872).

but ya… normal contract may have some access/ usage fees to pay as well… but… just wanna highlight that the calculation illustration in the article is "flawed"


    There's no flaw and here's why. The table comparison is illustrated based on the assumption that you're intending to change phone after 12 months. There's no point of paying RM30/month if you don't intend to swap phones mid-way.

    If you're going to keep the same phone (Galaxy S6 edge) for the full 24 months duration, there's no need to pay for the RM30 early upgrade option and RM15/month for the device protection. Therefore it will be just RM111 x 24 month = RM2,664. Not RM3,744 as you've calculated.

    For those who change phone on 13th month onwards, you just need to pay the new monthly installment for the remainder of the 12 months. However if you still want to swap again in the next year, then the same RM30/month early upgrade fee applies. However the difference is, you won't get to keep the first phone once you've swap and only the last phone is permanently yours to keep unless you opt for another upgrade again.


      Correct me if I'm wrong.
      Basically we're paying for full phone price ( presume second phone are same price ) + RM30/month early upgrade free, and gets to change new phones every year ?


        Pay 24 months installment + early upgrade fee, and you get to change phones after 12 months. Note that the total installment x 24 months is cheaper than the actual full price.


zerolution is another service provided to consumers.. if u not plan to change phone every year, then still can sign up conventional plan.. with this new service, those consumers who always wish to change phone every year, this could be attractive to them, and within the 12/24 months zerolution period, u are free to switch plan between 98/128/158/188 without lock in, so that's also an advantage. at least a good start from 1 of the telco…


From Zerolution FAQ
– You have to be a Maxis customer with good payment record in order to qualify for Maxis Zerolution
– For new customers joining Maxis for the very first time, you will need to wait for 6 months in order to build your credit rating
– For new customers joining Maxis from other operators, you may request to port-in your number through our Online Store. Then you may walk in to our store and present your last 1 month postpaid bill in order to be eligible for Maxis Zerolution


The way I see it, it looks like this:
Assuming you want the S6.
If you are going to change your phone in 12 months and want the MaxisOne Plan 128:

RM44/mo – upgrade
RM128/mo – MaxisOne
RM90/mo – Phone


x 12 = RM3144/mo

That is because you are calculating the MaxisOne plan here. Whereas in reality, for the PHONE itself:

RM90 + RM44/mo


x 12 = RM1608

After this period you already can change to the next Galaxy S7. So you are paying RM1608 instead of RM2451 (as per Maxis' page) to own the phone for 1 year, after which you are eligible to upgrade.

Upon upgrade you just pay for the next device' monthly payment @ RM90 + RM44 again (assuming its RM90 for the S7) for the next 12 months and so on and so forth.


    With the only catch with this is that you don't get to keep the phone after 12 months and you swap it for the next latest and greatest.

    If you don't want to upgrade, then the phone in reality is RM90 x24 = RM2160.


      and ur subsidy for using maxisone plan for a year is almost non existent. where as in the current maxis one plan, u get a big subsidy off ur phone price.

Kh Yap

Went to a dealer today. A staff to me 'upgrade fee' and 'protection fee' no longer optional, instruction apparently came today (20150914). You need to subscribe then cancel it the next month.

I then tried buy online and the 'upgrade fee' is still optional, and there are no 'protection fee'.

Hope Maxis dont back charged me later…


    It shouldn't be compulsory as there are customers that don't plan to upgrade after 12 months. Try reporting the issue to Maxis at 123 immediately. You shouldn't be forced to take up something that you don't need.

Ken Zhong

this zerolution privide unlimited call , message or internet quota?

Ken Zhong

provide *


I just went there yesterday.

There are minimu requirements.

1. MUST be Maxis postpaid user for more than 8 months.

2. Monthly bill usage MUST BE more than RM80 in avg.

3. MNP need to provide 3months bills avg of RM80.

Weird thing is you can subscribe to their new plan RM50 to get a Huawei P9 @RM71 x 24mths. BUT you MUST BE user of MAXIS or other operator having avg RM80 monthly usage.



is it possible for non maxis customer to sign up?