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The Galaxy Note 5 drop tested. You’ll definitely need a case for this


The all glass and metal build makes the Galaxy Note 5 an elegant looking device. With the use of glass, obviously it won’t play nice when the device meets a hard concrete floor.

The guys over at PhoneBuff had conducted what appears to be the first drop test ever for Samsung’s latest flagship. While the metal frame helps to absorb impact from the sides, direct drops facing downwards will definitely cause some serious damage to the screen.

Even when it was dropped with the back facing down from 1 metre height, the impact is strong enough to crack the protruding camera lens. It is interesting to point out that they rated the Note 5 to be more durable than the Galaxy S6 but it is still behind the predominantly metal iPhone 6 and HTC One M9.

Check out the video yourself after the break.

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