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More leaks of the 2015 Nexus device appear


Inching closer to Q4, we’re sure to get more juicy details about the new Nexuses. Said to come from two manufacturers LG and Huawei in two sizes – a 5.2-inch phone and a 5.7-inch phablet, respectively. An alleged image of LG’s Nexus offering has made its rounds showing how the phone looks like from the back.

There’s nothing much to run on regarding the device in the image except for the camera module and a circular metal ring below the camera sensor. No branding appears on the actual body of the phone but there is a white sticker with an LG logo on it, so we can safely assume this is LG’s Nexus and not the Huawei Nexus.

Protrusion of the camera could mean that the phone’s design is very thin, giving LG not much to work with in terms of how much the camera sensor juts out. Accompanying the camera (purported 16-megapixel or 20.7-megapixel) will be what seems to look like laser focus technology and dual-LED flash.

Some go on to claim the circular metal ring is actually a fingerprint scanner; a design differing from Android’s design cues but very much like Apple’s (differing placements). However, we advise all of this be taken with a large dosage of salt – mainly because LG has been fairly discrete about its Nexus, though it does match older renders here. The majority believe Google will keep to its annual scheduled release of the Nexus(es) and Android M, which is due usually in October. Since there’s still 2 months to go, be sure to expect more rumours and leaks as autumm nears.