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Samsung’s Keyboard Cover wants you to type like a BlackBerry user


Rumours from the great @evleaks seemed to be true as Samsung actually released a proprietary snap on keyboard during its unpacked event in New York. Coming in two parts the back cover that holds on to the back of either the S6 edge+ or the Note 5, the Keyboard Cover can be snapped on and off easily in either orientation (front for typing, back for utilising the whole screen).


Samsung has had a history of venturing to a wide range of stuff so this doesn’t really surprise anyone (just to spoil it for you, it includes a toilet seat, helicopter, and hospital). Typing will be supported by the QWERTY style keyboard that has 3 Android buttons – Recent Apps, Home and Back button. One could assume that the Keyboard Cover would benefit to those who felt that the typing experience on the two said phablets wouldn’t be a great experience when one-handed.


We spent a short time with the Keyboard Cover attached to the edge+: describing the keys akin to a soft resin-like texture and it felt flimsy at best. A lackluster solution but tries to appeal to those who like tactility when typing on the capacitive screen. These tactile inclinded typist that prefer BlackBerry’s signature typing experience might just consider jumping ship given the option to add this US  $80 extension. The keyboard itself doesn’t have any special technology, merely the keys will touch the screen as if your fingertips would but it does move up the UI when the keyboard is in place.

Now the real question comes about; would you buy it?