Samsung to expand its “Edge” features on the Galaxy S6 edge+


When the Galaxy S6 edge was announced earlier this year, the extra “edge” screen wasn’t as useful as the Galaxy Note Edge. With the phone actively in use, the edge display only functions as a People’s Edge, giving you instant shortcuts to 5 of your favourite contacts.

For the upcoming Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung is extending its capabilities which goes beyond basic communications. According to a source, the People’s Edge will get another layer of shortcuts which is just a swipe away as shown above. This allows you to customise 5 more shortcut icons for your favourite apps.


In addition, you can do more for each contact shortcut which is currently limited to Call, SMS and Email. For the new People’s Edge, you get 3 more actions which includes sending a photo, emoticon and to initiate a video chat. Personally, we felt that it would be better if Samsung offers more options such as sending an Instant Message via WhatsApp, WeChat or FB Messenger.

Like the current S6 edge, the new phablet version is expected to retain the same info stream that lets you peek on latest notifications and info panels when you swipe on the edge, while the screen is off. As usual, you also get to see who’s calling from its flashing preset colours while the phone is placed upside down. You can read up more about it in our Galaxy S6 edge review.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 will be launched this coming Thursday, 13th August at 11:00PM. We’ll be there at the launch so stay tuned for the latest updates from our Twitter account.

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Alexander Wong