Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ with Dual-SIM spotted on Malaysian SIRIM database

It looks like Samsung Malaysia is definitely jumping on the Dual-SIM bandwagon for its upcoming flagships. Following the SIRIM certification of its Galaxy Note 5 with dual-SIMs, its Galaxy S6 edge+ sibling has also gotten the same green light with dual-SIM slots on board.

The spotted Galaxy S6 edge+ for Malaysia carries the model number SM-G9287C, and it joins other S6 siblings that carried the model number SM-G920F for the S6 and SM-G925F for the S6 edge. The Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N9208) was mysteriously removed from SIRIM‘s listing a few days after its discovery.

Just to recap on the purported specs, the Galaxy S6 edge+ comes with a double curve screen which scales up to 5.7 inches like the Galaxy Note 5. Internally it is pretty much the same as the current S6 edge except for 4GB of RAM and a larger 3,000mAh capacity. Like the current S6 edge, there’s no removable battery but some are speculating that the dual-SIM slot might offer a hybrid microSD/2nd SIM card option.

From the earlier leaked photos, the IR Blaster is missing from the top but this could be an early prototype which could turn out differently in the final product. While the S6 edge+ lacks the productivity S-Pen from the Note series, an interesting keyboard accessory was spotted which could give the device a full QWERTY typing experience.

It appears that Dual-SIMs are becoming mainstream even on the high-end models. What used to be a staple of most entry-level devices, a significant number of new flagship models released this year were dual-SIM ready including the Huawei P8, Sony Xperia Z3+, Xiaomi Mi Note and HTC One E9+. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will be launching this coming Thursday, together with the Galaxy Note 5 and a new tablet.

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SIRIM Certification

Alexander Wong