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Samsung is making a QWERTY Keyboard cover for the Galaxy S6 edge+?


With pressure mounting on Samsung’s latest flagship, it appears that they are throwing everything, but the kitchen sink. Since the Galaxy S6 edge+ is merely a bigger screen version of its S6 edge, Samsung could be adding more productivity features that could even please the hardcore BlackBerry users.

Serial leakster @evleaks has posted a picture of a Keyboard Cover accessory that gives the S6 edge+ a full QWERTY typing experience. This looks like a add-on Typo keyboard for the iPhone, that was short-lived due to lawsuits by BlackBerry.

The keyboard covers up the bottom portion of the device and it offers the typical 3 Android buttons for Recent Apps, Home and Back. It does look interesting but the overall solution does look bulky considering this is a phablet category device. Furthermore with the attachment in place, we wonder if there’s another fingerprint sensor on the add-on keyboard since the home button has been covered fully.

If you love the tactile feel of a physical keyboard, this may be your cup of tea and it has been a long time since we saw a new Android device with a full keyboard. But we are not too sure about the size though and already we felt that the BlackBerry Passport is too huge for our liking.



Alexander Wong