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Celcom’s new PortaWiFi 2.0 comes with 21GB of data at RM85/month this Merdeka


If you need to connect up to 10 devices while on the go, Celcom has its own MiFi product that’s called the PortaWiFi. As part of their Merdeka promo, they are offering its newer PortaWiFi 2.0 device on a new plan with more data and at a lower monthly commitment. This is seen as a response to U Mobile’s latest broadband offer that gives you 12GB of data (off-peak + on-peak) from RM68/month.


For RM85/month (Normal: RM100/month), the new PortaWiFi Internet Plan gives you a total of 21GB which is split with 7GB of quota for all day use, and a remaining 14GB for use between 2AM to 8AM. If you can’t finish your monthly quota, Celcom even allows you to carry forward unused data up to 7GB from your all day allocation.

There are 2 PortaWiFi versions available – 4G LTE and 3G, but we recommend you go for the 4G version since it is offered for free with a 12 months contract. During sign up, you’ll need to pay RM50 for registration and RM50 for activation fee. If you’re taking the 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0, there’s an advance payment of RM220 required which will be rebated back (RM22/month) across 10 months into your monthly bills. So that’s a total of RM320 to pay when you pick up your new PortaWiFi device.

As comparison, the previous PortaWiFi offers 4GB at RM68, 6GB at RM98 and 10GB and RM138. If you’re needing around 4GB to 7GB a month, the new offer is worth a look and the carry forward feature is a welcome bonus. In the previous PortaWiFi, the model itself requires a power source where you would need to plug it into a USB power adapter or through your car’s cigarette power outlet. The new one appears to come with its own battery, just like any other MiFis in the market.

For more info, head over to Celcom’s PortaWiFi 2.0 page.

Alexander Wong