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Microsoft introduces Windows 10 to the masses


Readily available to those who are on the Windows insider program which began last year in October – the much anticipated bridge-gaping Windows 10 has gone live in 190 countries. Including the lauded features from the notably clean Windows 7 and the touch-screen friendly tiles of Windows 8, Windows 10 brings that and a whole lot more. The OS will be free for those who currently have a valid copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

Microsoft has stepped up since receiving harsh criticism in 2012, as the newest version now has the simple but taken for granted “start” button – now including live tiles and a more extensive menu. This doesn’t just stop there, with innovations that include your own digital personal assistant, Cortana, Hello – a biometric authentication program, an Xbox app, plus their new browser, Microsoft Edge.


Users can expect this to be the greatest version of Windows yet, having been in beta testing the longest. This is to ensure delivery of a service tried and trusted and will be kept automatically up-to-date with tweaks and security updates throughout its lifetime. Utilising cross-platform connectivity which is a necessity in today’s world, the latest version will become available on a broad range of devices that range from PCs, tablets, phones, Raspberry Pi, Xbox One, and HoloLens to name a few.

Microsoft envisions a new era that is built around feedback from 5 million fans world-wide, quoting Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and Devices Group, at Microsoft. Cortana will be the main headliner for the Windows Store, that’ll be accessible across all devices running Windows 10. This essentially allows the search feature to be voice-enabled for ease of use.


Pricing for those who aren’t directly upgrading hasn’t been announced yet but a rough estimate can be made from the US pricing. Windows 10 will cost an estimated RM 456 for the Home version, after the exchange rate. On the other hand, upgrading will totally free and will be rolled-out in waves, depending on the hardware of your machine; BUT if you want to bypass that, check out how to get Windows 10 immediately right here.