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Live photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ appear


Not too long after its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge hits the market, the Korean smart phone maker is eager to launch 2 more phablets ahead of its normal schedule. The Galaxy Note series which is often launched during IFA in Berlin annually, will be seeing an earlier launch this year as early as 12th/13th August.

Unlike last year where they have launched the Galaxy Note 4 along with its curve display Galaxy Note edge, Samsung will be introducing its Galaxy Note 5 productivity phablet that comes with an S-Pen and the Galaxy S6 edge+, which is a bigger version of its current double curve screen smart phone. The model names have been confirmed and now we finally get to see the devices in its full glory thanks to a couple of fresh leaks.

As expected, the Galaxy Note 5 continues Samsung’s new premium approach with the use of metal and glass like its current S6 flagship. Directly from the front, it looks like a Note 4 but the bezels are noticeably thinner and it looks like it carries a similar 5.7″ screen that’s going to be pushing Quad HD resolution. A metal frame is visible and you can see some antenna bands in white at the top and bottom of the device. The home button looks identical with the s6 which undoubtedly come with a one touch fingerprint sensor. So far there’s no pictures of the back but we reckon it will feature a glass with shimmering metal appearance underneath.

In terms of specs, the Note 5 will feature its top of the line offering and this time the processor could be a new all-in-one chip solution that houses the CPU, RAM, Storage, GPU and radio antennas. Their current Exynos 7420 chip on the S6/S6 edge is enjoying its top spot on Antutu benchmarks and the new one is expected to raise the bar higher. Like most new flagship smart phones launched lately, the Note 5 is likely to come with 4GB RAM.

The S6 edge+ is not much of a surprise really as it retains the exact same design as the current S6 edge but it is slightly wider and taller. Underneath, it will get the same specs and if you missed it, you can check out some side by side comparison shots of both models. On the hardware side, it is the same as the S6 edge but you can probably expect a larger battery capacity to power up a larger screen for longer hours.

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Both models could go on sale as early as end of August and Samsung is expecting its early release would give them a better chance to sell more devices ahead of Apple’s new iPhone that’s going to be announced in a few months time. In the last 3 months of 2014, Apple has sold more iPhones than Samsung and that’s when the Galaxy Note 4 has hit the ground running. Looks like Apple has made the right choice of introducing the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung would need to do much more to secure its spot in the premium phablet segment.

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