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Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Productivity tablet that’s nothing much else



It’s been a while since Samsung last launched a tablet. With their Galaxy Note series of phablets doing rather well it’s a wonder that they are still interested in producing a similar product the tablet segment.

The latest member of the family is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A; a new range of tablets that supports telephony features with the productivity of an S Pen. Generally the tablet looks like one geared towards users looking for productivity with a little bit of entertainment thrown into the mix, considering the specs are decent enough to get some gaming in or hash out your daily report if you aren’t the sort to drag your laptop about. 

But how does the tablet actually measure up, especially when there are cheaper tablets that are capable better, like its direct competitor the Xiaomi Mi Pad? Let’s find out.

The Galaxy Tab A comes in 2 sizes – a compact 8 incher or a full sized 9.7 inch unit. For this review, we’re given the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 in dark grey. As far as the looks go, the tablet is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in terms of sharing the same material design and feel. However the Tab A is mostly built out of plastic with a rounded metal rim on the face of the device, it does a decent job in looking premium at the very least. The Tab A isn’t the thinnest or the lightest though with the tablet being 7.5mm thick at its thinnest point and weighing in at about 338g, it’s rather substantial.


The tablet is priced at RM 1,299 which is hardly cheap with all the sub RM 1,000 tablets there are running around in the market; with the roughly similar Mi Pad retailing for just RM 799 though it cannot make phone calls nor does it come with a versatile pen.

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For those who want a tablet that can make phone calls there are other alternatives out there like the ASUS fonePad series or maybe even the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact if you have the cash, although you are still going to look silly when you have a big tablet stuck to your face. But it looks like Malaysians and people around the Asian region seem to really dig it despite it looking rather inconvenient.