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Xiaomi announces the Mi Water Purifier

Sometime last year Xiaomi launched their own WiFi enabled Air Purifier, and now they have just released a brand new water purifier that looks almost identical. Named the Mi Water Purifier, the water filtration device is aimed at getting you clean water fast without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

Heath is a pretty big concern for the average Chinese citizen, given that the water is not treated well enough to make it directly drinkable, which is common in most Asian countries. As such, water filters are pretty much a household necessity.

mi water filter6

The Water Purifier works by transforming tap water into drinkable purified water via reverse osmosis (RO) to remove impurities and pathogens by utilising pressure. It does this by way of four filters that comprise of a cotton filter followed by a activated coconut carbon filter and finally a reverse osmosis membrane before hitting one last carbon filter before it reaches your cup. This is supposed to not just remove all the bad stuff from your water but also make it taste better.

mi water filter5

The system has a footprint smaller than that of a piece of A4 paper, measuring in at 205 x 260 x410mm so it doesn’t occupy too much space on your sink.

mi water filter4

Your water is also supposedly filtered a lot faster too, with the system operating at x8 the speed of generic filters making it capable of churning out up to 400 gallons of filtered water a day. It also wastes less water with a 1:1 water production rate to be more efficient. There’s even an app you can use to manage the device, telling you how clean your water is and when its time to clean the filters.

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mi water filter1

On top of simple three step installation, you will get six faucet adapters that are compatible with most tap heads so you can get to using the purifier immediately.

The Mi Water Purifier will retail for RMB 1,299 (about RM 796) and like most of Mi’s fancier gadgets, we probably won’t be seeing it sold here officially. For more info, you can check out the Mi Water Purifier product page. More promo videos and images below.