BlackBerry’s new Android powered Slider phone gets leaked

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The previous purported BlackBerry Android device is quite meh and it looks like a Passport being forced to run on Android. Now twitter leakster @evleaks has returned with another image and this time it is another Android powered device that comes with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

The image above looks more legit with a full stock Android interface and the screen has a dual-curve display like the Galaxy S6 edge. Underneath the screen is a grill which could possibly houses a speaker and at the bottom you’ll get a microUSB port and a head phone jack. So far the design matches the earlier BlackBerry Slider render which we saw a few months ago.

We can’t confirm at the moment but the new BlackBerry Slider device was rumoured to come with a 5.1″ Quad HD display that’s similar to the S6 edge and it will be powered by an Octa-Core processor, which is a first for BlackBerry. Other specs include a 16MP main and 5MP front shooter and a large capacity 3,650mAh battery. Hopefully we will get to see more of the device ahead of launch.

If they released an Android device that comes with a cool looking slider keyboard, would you be among the first in line to get one?


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7 Comments for BlackBerry’s new Android powered Slider phone gets leaked


The keyboard should be in landscape mode. Why all BlackBerry with keyboard is in potrait mode.


No. GET a life, BB


This would be awesome! I, for one, am excited to see if this phone, 1, looks like this concept at launch, and 2, has the specs they are mentioning here. For those of you who have not kept up with Blackberry as of late, please keep your mouths shut! Blackberry has made some amazing phones on their BB os10 platform and they are quite reliable phones. Right now I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Nice phone, but if I didn't have to stop using my previous BB because of work restrictions, I would go back to my BB in a heart beat! I have no doubt in my mind that this phone will be a strong first Android device for BB! I'm for it 110%


Remind me of the Sony Ericsson Aino.


Sliders and clamshells went the dodo way as far as OEMs is concerned for a reason… RELIABILITY (hint:- not so much = more moving parts = more points of failure risk = more parts = lagi manyak rugi cost mah ). Except for Japanese made keitais because well sorry to say they're like a whole other level of product design + QC dimension on the planet. For the rest of the world, use either form factor heavy and long enough voila one after the other usability issue will surely pop up. Samsung for example could still put out some decent Android sliders until today just for kicks but they didn't.

On topic I'd rather that Bb take the spec sheet, lose that QHD res because FHD is more than enough to bank on BBM's strength and build us a decent Note contender instead yes something w/ a stylus. This was actually an old suggestion made by some crackberryheads over at crackberry forums at the time when Galaxy Note made inroads for the execs' pie and they wondered why there wasn't any proper Bb-fied answer to that rightfully so.

Lastly I don't think they're going w/ Android if this slider is for real anyways…


I think BB should definitely go with Android, and that this example, regardless of it being a slider, would be a success. The huge reason that sliders went out was because of demand. People wanted bar style, all touch phones with virtual keyboards due to iPhone. Because of the iPhone demand, eveyone else started to compete directly with apple. So no more physical keyboards. If the company has high enough quality, which BB certainly does, "moving parts" aren't an issue. And Samsung is Korean. Though, yes their quality is up there, but their clamshell dumb phones are nothing to write home about.

Enter BB keyboards.. one of the most recent cases BB had to fight was the iPhone keyboard case, the Typo. Essentially, it threw a BB style keyboard on an iPhone. BB sued because the design was completely ripped off from their physical keyboard. Before they did, the Typo case popularity started soaring. Showing that BB style keyboards are still a desireable addition to a modern, bar style, all touch screen phone. So who better to implement one on such a phone than BB themselves! The one company that can still sell a physical keyboard, that people still Love, on a modern day smart phone. And the slider form factor doesn't add permanent length to a great sized phone like the Typo case did.

Note competition.. if you lose the QHD display on anything that would try to compete with the Note, you lose, period! You can't compete with something and have sub-par specs. It just doesn't work. The BB z30, which I own, was a great phone! BB did an amazing job with it. BB os10 is such an underrated OS it's not even funny! Specs wise, the z30 has 720p resolution, and a dual core processor. While it was more than enough to run the phone super smooth on BB os10, and the display was sharp enough to look great, it got slammed in almost every review and comparison out there because it wasn't using the latest and greatest available at the time, which I'm sure hindered sales for those curious about the new BB os. It goes to show that even if you just use what is needed for the smooth operation of a device, you have to also keep up with the competition to have a chance to compete. If this phone does go into production, these specs are a perfect start. I'd definitely be one of the first to line up for it. If they want a hit Android device, they are in line with the competition, Samsung GS6/ LG G4 have already hit these specs, and lots of flagships will start to go QHD with their octacore processors. They are beautiful displays!

To have BB build a device with their features but run on Android would most likely save their mobile arm. They should have tried this with the z30 or even the z10 but with beefier specs all around to run Android, because it is a hog of an OS. Even their virtual keyboard is far superior to Android's, or Samsung's. And I'm sure better than Apple's too. It was so easy to use and predicted typing 100x better with easier corrections. If they released a virtual keyboard for android, I'd be all over it.

All in all, I think it would be a very smart move, especially this particular design.


the price range for BB definitely wont cheaper than any other android phone of similar features or specs,
BB sure wont survive in android ecosystem as well, except they do it like Xiaomi !