Better looking Instagram photos inbound as it goes 1080p

instagram 1080p

Instagram is finally getting with the times and is in the process of allowing users to display higher res images on the popular platform.

Initially, images uploaded to Instagram were only being displayed at 640 x 640 resolution, which is markedly small by today’s standards. But starting last week it seems that images being uploaded are being saved in 1080p resolution, probably in the process of getting the platform ready for the switch.

Instagram themselves originally denied that they are saving images at any higher than 640 x 640, but the program is undoubtedly saving and displaying images at a much higher resolution than before. They’ve now confirmed that they will gradually be rolling out the feature for iOS and Android, but the web version won’t be getting any love just yet.

For now the only way to spot it at the moment is by delving into the image’s source code on Instagram web, where the first link with the .jpg suffix will tell you the image’s size via a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Checking the image out on mobile (as in, your phone’s Instagram folder) still displays the original resolution which it was snapped in, which in turn is reliant on your phone’s camera.

instagram code

We don’t quite know why they are limiting the new image size for the desktop version but this is already great news for Instagrammers as they won’t have their images as compressed as they used to be.

Image credit Thomas Ricker (@trixxy)