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The Apple Watch: It isn’t the game changer we’re looking for



The Apple Watch claims to be the most personal device ever and in way it’s true considering you have a wide range of body and strap options at your disposal. Its force touch display, smooth screen transitions and the way its taptic feedback feels are pretty impressive but it isn’t enough to shake up the smart watch segment.

Apple isn’t the first in this game and obviously they tried catching up by putting as many features they could think off including phone calls, fitness tracking, heart rate sensor and an abundance of apps, but is it enough to entice people to finally jump into the smart watch bandwagon?


As an existing smart watch user, we find the battery life to be its biggest let down. While it can last a full day of activities, you would definitely need to charge at night to prepare for the next full day. The Power Reserve mode is pretty useless and we hope Apple would add a little more watch face features in their next update.

For the Apple fans, the Watch could be their first step of owning a smart watch. Until recently, the Pebble was the only popular choice but it is very basic in comparison. Like the rest of its product line up, the Watch carries a premium price tag and they are pushing this to be a fashion accessory first, rather than a piece of gadget. With its starting price above RM1,500, it is expensive and the more premium Watch and Watch Edition models will definitely find their demand among the wealthier group especially in China.

As a first gen product, there’s a lot of room to improve before we can call this is the smart watch to rule them all. With the upcoming WatchOS 2, the Watch is expected to get more customisation and independent functions that won’t require an iPhone nearby.

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To their credit, the way the Watch handles notifications and the wide options of straps make the Apple Watch more appealing than the rest. However for those who just want a smart watch primarily just to tell the time and get notifications, there are cheaper alternatives out there.

The current Android Wear smart watches like the Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch ,LG Urbane and Huawei Watch are feature rich with a full touch screen experience but they don’t offer as much body customisation and options as the Apple Watch. As standard, they all have heart rate sensors, music controls, contacts and voice controls, and the battery performs slightly better but not great with about 1-2 days per charge. On the downside, these devices are only compatible with Android smart phones, so that’s totally out for iPhone users.

So what other options do iPhone users have? The Pebble is still among our top pick for a smart watch. It gets up to 7 days per charge and the new Pebble Time now comes with a colour display. For fitness buffs, you could consider the Fitbit Surge which has LCD touch screen display and continuous heart rate tracking which even works while you’re sleeping. It may not look as sexy as the Apple Watch, but it has better activity tracking and also a 7 day rated battery life.

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