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The Apple Watch: It isn’t the game changer we’re looking for

Performance and Battery Life


Compared to other smart watches in the market, the Apple Watch interface feels more fluid and refined like its iPhones. The transition effects are just better executed but when you start loading apps, there’s a noticeable lag. Sometimes you get to see the background of the app before the text is being displayed. It feels interrupted at times if the app is internet dependent. That’s where you’ll see a circular loading animation as the app is fetching more info.


In term of battery life, Apple rates the Watch to last 18 hours and from our usage, it does seem to last from morning at 7AM to midnight without much fuss. This is inclusive of checking on messages and with fitness tracking on all the time. So don’t worry about your watch dying on you in mid-day.


If you are low in battery, there’s a power reserve mode which turns your watch into a basic digital time display. Everything else is disabled and to show the time, you would need to press the side button. To disable it, you just press and hold the side button and the Watch will reboot itself.

Speaking of rebooting, the Apple Watch is quite slow to start up. It takes about 1 minute and 10 seconds to switch on and as comparison, an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.3 took 50 seconds. To charge, the magnetic cable snaps on effortless at the back. It does about 50% in 40 minutes of charge and it is juiced up fully in under 90 minutes.


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