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The Apple Watch: It isn’t the game changer we’re looking for

Watch Apps


Apart from the standard offering, Apple boasts over 3,000 Watch apps available on their AppStore. Most of the popular apps such as Twitter and Instagram has their Apple Watch extension. Facebook and WhatsApp has yet to provide a Watch app but we reckon they will release one in the near future. Without the app, you still can receive notifications but you’ll need to use your iPhone to respond.


By default, there are essential apps built-in like the music app which sync with your iTunes. This lets you store music on the Apple Watch up to 2GB (default: 1GB) and listen to them directly without having an iPhone with you. Since there’s no headphone jack, you’ll need a pair of supported Bluetooth earphone.

For photos, you get to choose what gets synced to your Watch. You can pick to grab photos that are marked as favourites or have everything mirrored from your iPhone. By default it is set to sync 100 Photos and you can raise this to 500 Photos that occupies about 75MB. In terms of viewing, the Apple Watch display is already quite small for its size and while it is nice to have, you should be sticking to your iPhone for any proper photo viewing.


For directions, you can use the Maps app and it can show you your current location and navigate accordingly with voice search. This would require data from your iPhone and the maps navigation isn’t really up to date. For example in Petaling Jaya, it isn’t aware of the new one way road implementation around Jalan Utara to Jalan Timur.


Like any smart watches, the watch apps isn’t supposed to replace your iPhone apps and it gives you a glimpse of what’s going on. For example Instagram, it works well to display your feed and current activities but it is limited to show the latest 9 photos, and it can’t support video playback at the moment. You can tap to view Instagram profiles, it only gives you a peek of the latest 4 photos they have uploaded. For Twitter, it is a similar story as well. It shows 4 of the latest feed but at least it gives you the option to view more by loading extra tweets in 4 increments as you tap to view more. If you really have to, you can tweet from the watch using your voice and you can add emoticons as well.

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Some of the useful and more practical apps include Uber where you can request for a car directly from your watch. The only problem though, is you can’t select the type of Uber car and there’s no way to view or select your pickup location. All it does is to request for a car that’s nearest to you and if it does get one, it will then display more details of the vehicle including its estimated time of arrival. The Tripadvisor app is pretty neat as well, with its recommendations for restaurants, activities and hotels based on your location.


For a bit of fun, there are mini games like letter zap, but why bother when you can play the full game on your iPhone? To quickly view your last opened app, you can double tap on the crown to toggle it back to view. Taking screenshots on the Watch is also possible by quickly pressing both crown and side button simultaneously.