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The Apple Watch: It isn’t the game changer we’re looking for

Design and Aesthetics


The Apple Watch goes for a squarish design as opposed to having a round watch appearance that’s being pursued by most of its rivals. Standing out from the crowd is the digital crown placed on the right which lets you scroll and pressing it returns you back to the home screen. Long pressing the crown will bring up Siri, which this time she doesn’t speak but it will display its response on screen.


There’s a side button right underneath it which works primarily as a shortcut to your favourite 12 contacts. Long pressing this will bring up the power settings to shut down or enable its own power saving mode.


In terms of looks, Apple is quite clever with the way it conceals the bezels. With an all-black glass dominating the front, it hides the edges of the display and this is possible with the use of a black background throughout the Watch’s interface. If you look from the front, it gives you an illusion of a near edge to edge display as the frame of watch as the glass slopes seamlessly towards the sides. The smooth edges of the glass makes it more effortless to swipe, similar to its current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Moving towards the back, it still looks aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other smart watches that often design it as an afterthought, the back of the Watch has a nice circular element that houses its vital sensors and inductive charging point. Mimicking a traditional watch, you get a line of inscribed text that wraps around the element containing the serial number, model and type of material used.


Also visible underneath are 2 push buttons which allows easy removal of the bands on each side. Apple has designed their bands in such a way that you won’t need tools to swap or to adjust your bands to fit. Its metal link bracelet band for example boasts 100 over components and you can remove each removable link pieces by hand by pushing its individual buttons on the underside.
Designed for any situation, the Apple Watch is water resistant with IPX7 rating but they warned that it is more of being splashed proof than a submergible device. While it is safe to be used under the rain or doing the dishes, the Watch isn’t designed for swimming or diving.

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Getting Started


The Watch only works with the iPhone 5 and above, running at least iOS 8.2. Connecting the device for the first time is done through the Apple Watch app which comes pre-installed with the latest iOS update. The pairing process is pretty easy as you use the app to scan a dynamic code that’s being displayed onto the watch. This is as easy as scanning a QR code. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our Apple Watch Sport unboxing.

By default, the Apple Watch automatically locks itself when you remove the watch from your wrist. This secures the device from being accessed by anyone else but it can be bypassed by tapping your passcode. From time to time, it does try to detect from its scanners if the watch is being worn, hence some reports of users having problems with tattooed wrists. There’s also the option to disable the passcode if required.