BlackBerry considers making an Android device. Would you be interested?

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BlackBerry hasn’t been doing too well in the device game. Once a strong platform made popular by its secure messaging service, BlackBerry now has a market share of less than 1%. While they are still introducing new BlackBerry devices like the Passport, Classic and Leap, they are still far from becoming mainstream.

According to a couple of sources, word has it that BlackBerry could be making an Android based device. Whether they would abandon its current BlackBerry 10 devices isn’t really clear but we reckon it is unlikely at this point of time. This comes at a time where BlackBerry is now focused towards enterprise solutions especially its device management platform that works across various mobile OS including Android, iOS and Windows.

If BlackBerry is releasing an Android device, it may be a slider device that comes with a QWERTY keyboard like the BlackBerry Torch series. This would offer a familiar full touch screen display, bundled with a tactile feeling of BlackBerry’s signature keyboard. The slider phone was speculated a couple months back and it could feature a dual curved display similar to the Galaxy S6 edge.

Would you buy a BlackBerry if it runs on Android OS with a QWERTY keyboard?


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6 Comments for BlackBerry considers making an Android device. Would you be interested?

Abu Salimah

Android on BB with Dual LTE sim slots, good battery, and the QWERTY would be what it takes for me to jump in. Just the QWERTY is not enough anymore.

Nick Chan Abdullah

absolutely ! love physical keyboard

Yusyaimi Yunus

They do make a quality device..
& My q10 is still working perfectly, the samoled screen is a bit burnt though.

However the biggest concern would be the price.
BB always charges insane price for its devices..


Long overdue


Yes, please, I have been waiting Nokia and BB to produce flagship-like devices long time ago !


We're talking about the same company who thinks that charging 2015 prices for 2 of their Snapdragon S4 Plus inside devices as a fair deal here. As long as this is still the case, explain how an OS/platform move can help with that?

Passport is the only thing that's semi relevant spec-wise and a good proof of concept but "squarely" aimed at a limited audience. That screen is supposed to deal with docs viewing and not much media consumption which is fair enough for what it's set out to do.

BB OS could have easily leapfrogged Android at the aarch64/64 bit front but they're in no hurry from where I sit. No to BB sticking with gov and enterprise contracts is the safest route. Obviously the only sectors where you can get away with overcharging for outdated devices. It IS a good biz model that way but don't say that no one didn't warn them. "Mass" success and said sectors just don't compute when the target customers are the types who'd rather not spend up to 3 years interval for device deployment.

Can't take this rumor seriously because the scale of resources needed right now to fork out an Android build, integrate services into that and the separate marketing scheme to go along with BB OS? These are some luxuries that Bb can't really afford imho. Better spend this on sharpening the current Android app execution layer in BB OS that's already working. All they need after the fact is of course a proper made for 2015 product line.