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Check out Sony’s little dancing speaker, the Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60

Sony is once again appealing to our love for cute little robots with the successor to their “Rolly” dancing Bluetooth Music player, the Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60.

Looking like an oversized eight-ball when inactive, the BSP60 is colourful, chripy and most importantly would love to dance with you.

The device is basically a cuter and smaller version of the “Rolly” which is shaped like an American football and gets around by way of two outer rollers that function as its wheels. While it still has wheels to get around, the BSP60 instead has three small wheels in its base and the main moving components being two “ears” at the top of it.

The BSP60 is quite similar in function (minus the ability to “flap” as you would see in the video above) but likes to dance just as much as it would like to wake you up in the morning with your favourite tunes. Like many of Sony’s newer audio devices it will have NFC One-touchsupport.

The device is also capable of intelligent hands-free calling, voice control, notifications as well as the weather report if you would like it. It even supports multiple languages and can be communicated with in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. You almost forget that the BSP60 is actually a speaker with the things it can do.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

The Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 is due to be launched near the end of this month and is currently available for pre-order for  £220/€299 (about RM 1262) across Europe, with customers also getting a SmartBand Talk during the promo period. No idea when we would be getting it though but we have hopes that we eventually will.

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