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Sony Xperia Z4 to launch in Hong Kong and Taiwan as the Xperia Z3+?


Sony has been under the radar lately and their latest flagship, the Xperia Z4 was announced without much fanfare in Japan last month. The Xperia Z4 is basically an incremental update with a newer Snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB RAM and the microUSB charging port is now exposed while maintaining its class leading waterproof capabilities.

While the Xperia Z4 was launched as a Japan only device, it looks like they are making it available in more markets as Sony is organising a press event in Hong Kong and Taiwan sometime next week.

According to the press invite, it reveals that it would be a new flagship with emphasis on top camera, screen, sound, water and design all rolled into one. Since the Xperia Z4 isn’t really perceived as an all new model, it might be called simply as the Xperia Z3+ outside of Japan. As Sony Mobile division is having some rough times, it makes more sense for them to focus on a single flagship per year cycle. The Xperia Z4/Z3+ is merely seen as a mid-life facelift and probably released at selected markets.

India apparently is having an event too on 26th May and we’ll find out soon enough what this new flagship is all about. If there’s one model that Sony should release, it would be the replacement of its Xperia Z Ultra phablet.