The OPPO R7 turns to Samsung tech for better photography


The OPPO R7 is making its debut this Wednesday and you’ve probably have known about it from the bits of pieces revealed in the past couple of weeks. Just days before the big reveal, OPPO has officially released more info on its cameras.

Like most Android manufacturers, OPPO has always relied on Sony cameras for its high end smart phones. For the R7, they have turned to Samsung for what they claimed to be a much superior camera experience.

OPPO is fitting a main 13MP rear camera on the R7 that uses ISOCELL CMOS sensor for faster, more accurate and stable shots. If you’re wondering where have you heard about ISOCELL, this is the same Samsung camera technology that was used on the Galaxy S5. Some of the key advantages include less noise from cross talk with fine barriers between each pixels and a better dynamic range for greater details.

Other enhancements for better photography include a dual-drive Hybrid Focus system and an Anti-Shake optimisation. OPPO added that its R7 main camera could focus as quick as 0.1 seconds and it initiates 30% faster than other devices. To avoid missing a clear shot, the Anti-Shake optimisation starts taking a burst of multiple shots before you press the shutter and it continues to take more even after you released the button. After that, it will pick the best photo that is perceived to be the clearest from the batch.

In addition, the 13MP ISOCELL camera is also paired with Schneider-Kreuznach designed lens, a renowned German optical manufacturer. Meanwhile at the front, it gets a higher resolution 8MP shooter for clearer and detailed selfies.

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On the software side, the OPPO R7 gets a Pure Image 2.0+ image processor where it gets extra features such as taking higher resolution photos up to 50MP, Super Macro and much more. For Selfie lovers, there’s a beautify mode which applies make up touches instantly without breaking a sweat.

How does this translate to real life performance? We have to wait until we get a unit to find out. The OPPO R7 is part of their ultra-thin range of smart phones and it will be launched with multiple size variants. More details to be announced officially this coming Wednesday.