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The Surface 3 is probably the best tablet for those on the move



Microsoft had been tinkering with the idea of a tablet PC since the early days of Windows XP. The first one I’ve played with was the Compaq TC1000 which essentially is a laptop with a rotatable touch screen display. It was heavy, impractical and the form factor wasn’t what you would consider as an ultra portable device.

Most recently they have finally nailed it with its Surface line up and the latest Surface Pro 3 was introduced with the bold claim of being a tablet that could replace your laptop. Starting from RM2,729 excluding the keyboard, the Surface Pro 3 is on the high side, especially when you can get a decent spec laptop for less. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, here comes the Microsoft Surface 3 that’s priced from under RM2,000. Not only it is cheaper but it is also the thinnest and lightest Surface yet.

3rd time’s a charm?


The past non-Pro Surfaces are pretty basic with a rather limited Windows RT. While it looks the same, it doesn’t give you the full Windows experience like installing Windows based application. For the new iteration, the Surface 3 runs on Windows 8.1 and you can install programs like your everyday PC.

The front gets a 10.8” display that pushes a decent full HD resolution of 1920×1280, which is very sharp for a screen at this size. Powering the Surface 3 is an Intel Atom Quad-Core x7-Z8700 processor with a choice of either 2GB or 4GB RAM. I know what you’re probably thinking but the Atom x7 series is quite competent and Microsoft reckons that it could push about 80% performance of an equivalent Core i3 processor. That on paper should be sufficient enough for average use.


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