Jaring – Malaysia’s first ISP is now in Liquidation

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If your first encounter of the Internet involves mIRC, Hotmail and ICQ, you may have heard about Jaring, Malaysia’s first Internet Service Provider that offered dial-up connectivity. Now the struggling ISP has been ordered by the courts to go into liquidation, marking an end of a legacy that connected Malaysians to the world.

Its former CEO, Dr. Mohammad Awang Lah had posted on Facebook about the news and had expressed sadness that the ISP he helped started had ended up this way. However he also expressed hope that it could turn around for the better under safe hands.

Jaring was started in 1986 under the name RangKom which was renamed to Jaring in 1992. Eventually it became a part of MIMOS in 2002 and later on it was taken over by the Finance Ministry in 2007. The former CEO had also expressed frustration over the sale of Jaring last year to unsuitable parties that led to its eventual demise. TheMalaysianInsider reported that Jaring was sold to Utusan Printcorp for over RM100 million.

Do you have any memorable 1511 dial-up moments to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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21 Comments for Jaring – Malaysia’s first ISP is now in Liquidation


Jaring 1511 prepaid ….load of the ring cd still with me until now…


Typo…lord of the ring


JARING was my first ISP, when we first decided to get connected to the internet in 1998. Back then DU 56kbps was the fastest we could get, but at least with them, where we were, we could get up to 53kbps (when compared to TM which could only sustain up to 33.6kbps). Connection was pretty stable too. I remember emailing a complaint to Dr Mohamed Awang Lah about JARING's slow speed once, and he personally replied with steps which I could take to alleviate the situation. When TM introduced DSL services I had no option but to migrate to TM, but still harbouring hopes that JARING would eventually offer DSL where I lived. Sadly they pretty much stagnated. Shame really.


    Last mile monopoly.
    Remember that Jaring was not allowed to build DSLAM because phone lines were TM (Previously Telekom) property back then and still the same now.
    Thus they only had the option to use Dail-up and that model was no match for DSL.

    They tried to piggy back on Astro's infrastructure but upstream still requires Dail-up. 3G, LTE, WiMax or even widespread WiFi were not even available then.


1511….. I still have Jaring email


what a sad thing to happen. jaring was setup as a catalyst for internet users and providers alike and i believed that all the pioneer users in the internet started with jaring and I am proud to be one of the first to use and benefits from jaring way way way back early nineties, and it gave us access and online present to the world.

Ivan Shin Khai Tay

Asl pls?

Ted Chan

Goodbye – the Jaring DNS ip address that I have been remembering for past 20 years for doing internet connection ping test when setting-up network equipment and servers


Politics kills..

Dr Zam

before there was wifi at every hotel, i used to surf in the rooms through landline and Jaring was my ISP.

good bye trusty old friend… you will be remembered.


OMG brings me back memories , oh boy dialing up 1511 . The disc comes along with Internet Explorer or Netscape but with JARING customization and all

Man they had to kill this , argh….


Govt cronies run them down again…
Malaysia soon will be cronies country by/before 2020.

RAKYAT hope all of you will wake up…


got my jaring account in 1996 back than was epic… use 1511 online to play online games back than …. first time getting accuse of hacking on quake with my 200 ping … learn about how to tweak the modem to give more juice and lower latency… was really a learning curve for IT for me….
my last standing modem was the legendary US Robotic modem … the best modem i ever had.

Deckard Kain

Jaring went after me claim I did not pay their membership bill despite ending their service years before.

So go to hell, Jaring.


When I signed up with Jaring, they told me to bring two boxes of empty diskettes. In them they help copy a whole bunch of software including clients for FTP, IRC, Gopher, NNTP newgroups, NCSA Mosaic browser and a newfangled thing called Netscape (ver 0.97 I think).

Then they asked me to choose a domain name. I clarified "you mean a username?". No, they were giving out Jaring sub-domains … and I got a 3-letter one.

Those were the days…… sigh……

Danesh Manoharan

I remember the good old days. RIP


Nowadays, the regulator that is supposed to be the ISP competitiveness watchdog, instead uses up its time policing stupid Youtube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts …

Rizman Suzaidi

I would rather part of that RM42 billion to be use to save this company…


I'm still actively using [email protected] and now…. sad news, to be honest but they have not been improving since the 1511 days ….


Very unprofessional.
I have been a good customer since 1997 and have been maintaining my account till this date.
However in August 2015, I had a notice that Jaring will be terminating my account in a few days….
Can you imagine that, with all my credit still with Jaring, no reimbursement anything!
I have lost all the contacts details as I was not available during that weekends.

lee kok

cannot log on to facebook