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Gamers can now top up their favourite online games with Hotlink Game Credits


Hotlink has just partnered up with some of the nations’ more popular online game publishers to launch the Game Credits Top Up facility which allows gamers to top up their games using Hotlink Top Up Tickets.

Partnering up with publishers Asiasoft, CIB, Garena, Cubinet and IAHGames, users who are already Hotlink customers will get additional benefits like in-game items for League of Legends, EA FIFA ONLINE 3, Blackshot and extra in-game cash for IAH Games titles like Granado Espada and CounterStrike.


During the launch period, Hotlink customers who top up via Hotlink top up tickets will get the following benefits:

1. 3 days IP + 3 days XP Boost on League of Legends online game worth RM19.95. Applicable for RM10 & above top-up tickets
2. Room Name Color Changer on Blackshot online game worth RM4.00
3. 06 Golden Key on EA FIFA Online 3 game worth RM3.50
4. Any game from IAH Games will come with additional 10% iCash (IAH Games currency) based on the equivalent top-up game point value

Do note that the top ups only apply to local publishers so these will only work for locally supported online games.

If you want to get in on the action, it’s pretty easy to use the Game Credits. Simply sign-in to your games account at the publisher’s website and select payment or top-up. From there select Hotlink Top-up Ticket as a payment option and either log in or perform a one time registration and key in the 16-digit key on your top up and you’re done.

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