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Third party Wipowerband supposedly keeps the Apple Watch juiced longer


When any new Apple product hits the market a huge wave of third party products usually follows. There’s already one rather dodgy looking one for the Apple Watch called the wipowerband which claims to push your battery life with an embedded 200mAh battery.

The wipowerband’s high density polymer straps supposedly doubles the battery life of the Apple Watch but the data doesn’t have really anything to back it up. Apple would also need to approve the MagSafe charger at the back of the device on top of the wipowerband’s “Inductive tight couple” technology may not meet Apple’s standards.

The wipowerband can be pre-ordered for $89 (About RM 329) for the 38mm case or $99 (RM 366) for the 42mm case and will be available in five striking colours. Lots more third party Apple Watch gadgets are likely to follow soon, but we suggest you give this a pass for something more reliable to roll around.