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Mi Headphones: Can you get top quality audio for cheap? The answer is yes and no.

The Verdict


Given the RM 319 price tag, there really isn’t too much you can complain about, given that there are much more expensive headphones out there that don’t deliver nearly as much for what they’re worth.

It’s not the best of it’s price range but it’s very close to the top with premium looks and pretty decent sound to boot, because Xiaomi’s offering has a lot of good value for what you get, considering a lot of the enthusiast brands tend to be lacking in looks albeit not in sound quality.

For those with fussier palettes but still want to spend roughly around same amount of cash, you might want to go for more audiophile centric brands like Audio-Technica or maybe Sennheiser for better clarity and more stable bass, though they may not be packing the Mi Headphone’s good looks and extra goodies you get out of the box.