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Mi Headphones: Can you get top quality audio for cheap? The answer is yes and no.

All about the Bass


To ensure we got the full range of sounds in, we tested the headset using Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody so we could sample all the necessary tonal differences as well as Nightwish’s Scaretale to test it against some strong bass.

It was pretty obvious that the headphones are made with focus on bass, from the moment we popped it on.

Generally speaking the Mi Headphones do fairly well, with strong highs and relatively warm bass, but for some reason the bass didn’t seem as rich as advertised by Xiaomi. The headset does well in producing lower range sounds, which is good, but it sounds muddled with songs that have a lot going on in the background; like the headphones are attempting to accommodate for everything which results in muddy bass. To make matters worse, the clarity seems to be somewhat lacking as we expected crisp clarity but instead got something that was just about average. This may be good or bad depending on your preferred setup, but as someone who prefers clarity over bass power, this is a bit of a disappointment.


There’s no doubt that the surround sound works either, but there is a lot of sound leakage on top of noise isolation which is present, but barely there. It was actually rather annoying to hear the awkwardly muffled sounds of traffic leaking into the headset while listening to loud music. The leakage would likely be lessened with the on-ear cushions however.

We also tested the Mi Headset against a couple of its competitors set in the same price range, namely the Jabra Move which is priced at RM 369 and the Razer Adaro Stereo which is priced at RM 379. In terms of audio quality, the Mi Headset actually did better than the two above with the exception of bass handling which was managed better by the Razer Adaro Stereo, though it had issues with overblowing the volume.  As compared to the Shure 145 we reviewed recently, the Mi Headphones rather pales in comparison in terms of audio quality though it makes up for it in comfort and style.

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