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These three websites came together and what they do next will blow your mind

The Mind Blow dream team. From left: Nigel Yap, Alex Wong, Afiq Hanif, Amin Ashaari, Vernon Chan and Najib Hamid. Click for larger image.

Pardon the click baity title but considering the scope of this announcement, we figured we’d try to get your attention. And a big attention grabber this is going to be. Starting from today April 1st, three names you’re more than familiar with online,, and, have merged to form Mind Blow, a digital publishing outfit that aims to deliver the best digital content offering in the consumer technology and geek lifestyle segments.

Mind Blow hopes to grow its digital content offerings to other segments including automotive and travel, while at the same time, shift its content offering strategy with an increased focus on the mobile medium.

All three sites that form the core of Mind Blow are already very well known or growing in popularity here in Malaysia. SoyaCincau is widely considered as THE authority in anything and everything related to mobile tech in Malaysia and has grown a significant readership base since it started out as a mere hobby in 2007. TheSkop on the other hand is one of the fastest growing Malay language tech portal in the country, gaining more and more readers with its constant push of insightful features and news offering a unique blend of easy reads and great up to date information.

And then there’s TheHypedGeek, the new kid on the block that focuses on the geek lifestyle that covers everything from cult comics to the latest ultra-rare Lego sets. With all three sites under one roof, Mind Blow is set to transform the digital publishing industry in Malaysia bringing it to a whole new level, offering readers quality reads and brands a great platform to connect to a wide range of audiences.

The formation of Mind Blow will be driven by leveraging on each site’s strengths, offering more value to readers as well as clients. Each founding member of the sites have their own expertise and strengths that make Mind Blow the complete package when it comes to delivering content in the consumer technology and geek lifestyle segment.

With the founders of SoyaCincau, Alex Wong and Amin Ashaari, Mind Blow gets the two top minds that have grown the site to the success it is today. With Afiq Hanif, TheSkop’s founder Mind Blow gets one of the most in-tune editorial minds that understands what the Malay language market wants and needs to read. And with Nigel Yap and Vernon Chan, TheHypedGeek’s founders, Mind Blow gets the 15 years editorial management and experience of the former, as well as one of the most well-known influencers (and a pretty awesome marketing and creative whiz) in Malaysia in the latter. With a team like that, you can expect only great things to happen. The Mind Blow dream team will complement each other in making all the sites grow both in quality and commercially.

All five founding member form the management team of Mind Blow, with SoyaCincau founder Amin Ashaari spearheading the outfit. According to Amin:

“The digital content industry in Malaysia is at the right moment right now. The opportunity is now available for us to set the direction on where this industry should go and how we are going to get there.

In all aspects, digital media is growing and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to delivering consumer tech and geek lifestyle content in Malaysia, especially in the mobile medium. With the dream team that we have in Mind Blow, we want to lead this space.”

Fellow SoyaCincau founder Alex Wong will be CTO as well as overseeing the overall publishing operations of Mind Blow while, Afiq Hanif, TheSkop’s founder will be in charge of Malay language editorials for the outfit with the help of his Senior Writer Najib Hamid. Sales, Marketing and Branding for Mind Blow will be the responsibility of Vernon Chan while overall Editorial management will be handled by Nigel Yap.

So there you have it. We’ve been working long and hard to bring this team together and we will work even harder to bring the best content to you. As always, you, our readers, are been a major driving force behind our success and the reason why we are where we are today. So we want to hear from you. Share with us what you think about this news and let us know what we can do better. We really want to know your thoughts.

Amin Ashaari