Samsung Galaxy S6 edge gets brutalised, and totally survives


Samsung’s phones tend to not be made of the toughest stuff, with the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 edge a cool albeit somewhat breakable looking design with a metal frame sandwiched by two pieces of Gorilla Glass 4.

However a low-res clip has surfaced on YouTube showing a woman repeatedly throwing a Galaxy S6 edge on the ground in full force and it came out unscathed. Despite the hard throws, a quick test afterwards shows it survived and while it’s a little difficult to tell from the video it seems to have come out completely unscathed.

As the actual launch gets closer we will likely see more elaborate drop tests and water tests to show it’s toughness, but the smartphone no longer has IP67 certification so it may not fare so well with water. Still, if you’re one who tends to have butterfingers with phones, you might want to check out the video after the jump.