Yes offers free Redmi 2 with Huddle XS MiFi bundle


WiMAX operator Yes 4G is offering the Xiaomi Redmi 2 smart phone if you pick up their Huddle XS MiFi. This is tied with their Super Postpaid Bundle which offers from 2GB and up to 6GB of data per month. As a special promo, they are giving extra data up to 24GB accumulatively for 2 years and up to 2,000 minutes of free calls.


There are 3 plans available, and the Redmi 2 bundled price are as follows:

Super 48 (2GB) – RM380
Super 78 (5GB) – RM180
Super 98 (7GB) – Free

For the Huddle XS MiFi, it is bundled for free on all 3 options. There’s no contract but each month, you’ll get additional rebates for 24 months duration. So essentially you are free to stop at anytime but you won’t get back the full bundled value that subsidise your monthly fees. During sign up, there’s an upfront payment of RM289 (Super 48), RM399 (Super 78) and RM549 (Super 98) required.

While the Redmi 2 supports Dual-SIM in 4G, take note that the device uses 4G LTE and it is different from the 4G WiMAX that Yes is operating. Hence, you’ll either need a SIM from another provider with data or you can connect via the WiFi hotspot using the Yes Huddle XS. For more info, head over to Yes Redmi 2 promo page.