Samsung Galaxy S6 lets you disable native apps for slimmer TouchWiz


Samsung’s TouchWiz from the Note 4 onwards does feel pretty nimble but Galaxy S6 users are going an even better deal now that you can disable native apps from running altogether.

While you cannot remove the apps completely, you can stop them from running and slowing down your phone, as bloatware is a persistent problem with Samsung’s phones. The new TouchWiz reportedly takes up 30% less space compared to what’s on the Galaxy S5, and you will be able to disable a host of native apps inclusive the ones from Google as well as Microsoft’s OneDrive and Skype.

You can even disable S Health, S Voice and even Calculator or Maps if you see fit, but some functions might be affected without crucial apps such as Google Maps. But if you truly want a more streamlined experience, you’ll finally get to kick all that bloatware to the curb.

 Check out the video after the break.