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HTC One M9 stays cool under pressure after software update


Not too long ago we reported that the HTC One M9 was heating up to ridiculous levels but it seems that the One M9 manages to stay cool after a much needed software update.

Now, a new thermal image shows that the HTC One M9‘s operating temperature has dropped from a extremely hot 55.4 degrees celcius down to a much more reasonable 41.7 celcius following the update, putting it around the same temperature range as it’s rivals. The smartphone’s metal body even looks like it’s doing good at dissipating heat as the image shows a rather even heat distribution though the whole device.

However, it is possible that the above results were achieved by tweaking the thermal throttling configuration of the Snapdragon 810; in short limits are imposed on the processors maximum clock frequencies once the core temp hits a certain threshold. The new update puts said treshold at a lower point so as to keep the chip frosty albeit at the cost of reduced performance.

It doesn’t look like the phone will be affected by overheating issues but performance being linked to temperature might be an issue now. How it will affect real-word benchmarks, we will find out eventually.